2022/23 Term Dates

The Street Motion calendar follows the Devon schools calendar and is divided into three terms per calendar year. We are open all year round aside from the dates listed below which coincide with some of the school holiday periods.

Memberships are based on a 43 week year. We divide the cost over 12 calendar months so whilst you pay the same amount each month, you are effectively not being charged for the times we are closed.

Planned Closures (Timetabled Classes):


Christmas Holiday: Sun 18th Dec 2022 – Mon 2nd Jan 2023


February Half Term: Mon 13th Feb – Sun 19th Feb
Easter Holiday:
Sun 9th Apr – Sun 16th Apr
Summer Half Term: Mon 29th May – Sun 4th Jun
Summer Holiday: Tue 1st Aug – Sat 12th Aug
October Half Term: Mon 23rd Oct – Sun 29th Oct
Christmas Holiday: Sun 24th Dec 2023 – Tue 9th Jan 2024


Grading Dates

Street Motion Gradings take place every three months and give members a meaningful goal to work towards as well as recognition of their achievement with a certificate and grade specific t-shirt. Members who progress beyond grade four will be able to advance from the mixed ability classes to intermediate and advanced classes with skills and content tailored to the grade they are working towards.

2023 Level 1 Gradings: (Grades 1 to 4)

Spring Grading: Sunday 12th Mar
Summer Grading: Sunday 18th Jun
Winter Grading: Sunday 26th Nov

2023 Level 2 Gradings: (Grades 5 to 7)

Summer Grading: Sunday 25th Jun
Winter Grading: TBC


Event Calendar

Every year we organise a number of popular seasonal or themed events which typically include 3+ hours of Parkour & Freerunning along with food such as a barbecue or pizza, plus games, challenges, competitions and extras such as our giant inflatable Air Pad. Brand new events this year include Nerf Wars, Birthday Jam, Summer Gathering plus Easter/Summer holiday camps.

2022 Events:

Christmas Spectacular:
Sun 11th Dec | Air pad, pizza and more..

2023 Events:

Nerf Wars: Sun 26th Feb | Shoot your friends with foam darts in our obstacle filled arena.
Easter Eggstravaganza: Fri 7th Apr | Massive Easter egg hunt with 50+ eggs to find.
Birthday Jam: Sun 21st May |Indoor & outdoor training, food provided. New parkour equipment!
Summer Gathering: Sun 16th July | Outdoor event, BBQ, sunshine (hopefully!).
Halloween Gathering: Sun 29th Oct | 4 Kw sound system, 6Kw RGB lighting system, Air Pad & Pizza.
Christmas Spectacular:
Sun 17th Dec | Air pad, pizza, 5 hour open session.

2023 Holiday Camps:
All day Parkour & Freerunning 10am to 4pm.


Easter Holiday Camps:
Mon 3rd Apr to Thurs 6th Apr

Summer Holiday Camps:
Tue 25th Jul – Fri 28th Jul
Wed 16th Aug – Fri 18th Aug
Tue 22nd Aug – Fri 25th Aug
Tue 29th Aug – Fri 1st Sep