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Member Benefits

As a Street Motion member, you will become part of an inclusive club where you can develop at your own pace without the pressure or elitism associated with competitive sport like gymnastics.

Preferential Pricing

Save more than 50% per class compared to the non-member rate. Comparative cost per session is as little as £6 based upon average attendance of 4 sessions per week.

Priority Access

Since 2019 we have had to strictly control access and limit total numbers in classes. During peak times where classes approach max capacity, member’s have priority over non-members.

Family Discounts

Two or more family members want to join in the action? We have made it better value than ever with discounts from 25% to 45%.

Membership Card & T-Shirt

All members receive a personalised membership pack upon joining complete with t-shirt and membership card.

Discount Code

Ultimate members are entitled to a 10% discount on birthday parties, clothing and selected events.

Gradings & Advanced Classes

Ultimate members will have access to advanced classes which include additional skills enabling them to progress through our grading programme.

What our member’s say…

Rachel Larder

Highlight of my son’s week going to the class, the 3 lads that teach are so good with making sure they get the moves etc, can’t recommend enough

Steven Myers

My son LOVES his parkour sessions, he’s tried lots of after school clubs but this is the only one that’s really captured his imagination – thank you!

Beccy Clough

My son and I both attend (separate) classes here and we love it. Every week is a new challenge…. and a new set of muscles i didn’t know existed the next day!! It’s increased both of our confidence and fitness levels as well as something to do together outside of class. Would recommend it to anyone


Do you have classes for beginners?

Beginners are welcome in all of our mixed ability classes. Where possible we try to put participants into groups of similar skill level. Mixed ability classes are designed to have something for everyone – some challenges you might find  easy whilst others might seem difficult. You are not expected to be able to complete every challenge set, everyone can progress at their own pace.

Have you got classes for adults?

The majority of our adult classes focus on the functional fitness and the strength & conditioning side of parkour with less of the acrobatics and high impact moves. These adult classes are a mixture of skills development, circuits and strength training and are ideal for beginners. We also have one class each week which follows a format similar to the youth classes with more of the flips and high impact moves. These are better suited to younger adults or older adults who are exceptionally fit and actively participate in other extreme sports. Open sessions are also available to adults to want to use the facility to work on their own training programmes.  

What are Open Sessions?

Open sessions are a time and space where you are free to use the facility as you wish (within reason!) to practice any skills which interest you without having to follow a pre-written lesson plan.  They are intended as a supplement to the structured classes and are a great way to practice and further develop your skills. With the exception of the 7-11yrs Open Session on Saturday morning, participants are expected to do their own warm up and cool down and not require constant or direct supervision. Coaches are on hand to give help and advice but will generally aim to supervise from a distance rather than leading a specific station or activity.

What is the minimum age?

Our youth classes are designed for ages 7 years and upward with age groups split between 7-11yrs and 12-17yrs. If you have a 6 year old who is nearly 7, tall for their age or particularly gifted with their athleticism they may attend a trial session to see how they get on. We currently have no classes for children aged 5 or younger however we can arrange a 1:1 coaching session instead. 

What happens in a typical mixed ability class?

Our mixed ability Parkour & Freerunning classes in Exeter all start with a coach led warmup to fully prepare the body and mind for the activities to follow. Following the warm up the class is typically split into 3 or 4 groups, with each group on their own set of obstacles or ‘station’. Groups will rotate between stations over the course of the session so that each group has the opportunity to have a go at each skill or challenge. Coaches will explain how to attempt each challenge and will typically offer a few different variations to suit different abilities. The session ends with a structured cool down and stretches to help with flexibility and reduce muscle soreness after training.

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