Plymouth Hoe Jump

The Plymouth Herald today reported on their front page:

“A DISPERSAL order aimed at cracking down on crime in the city will be active from April.The order covers the most crime ridden areas of Plymouth including Stonehouse and North Hill. But it also extends 50 metres into the sea to stamp out ‘tombstoning’ over the summer.

It means police have the power to move people on in if they believe the public is likely to be alarmed or distressed by their presence.”

Either a poorly written article or a poorly thought out policy. It does seem however that the police in Plymouth are intent on criminalising a previously innocent activity, choosing to spend their time making life difficult for law abiding young people rather than tackling the city’s real crime issues.
How about a bit of common sense for a change. Jumping from great heights into deep water is a lot of fun and rarely has catastrophic results. No amount of signage, police presence or bylaws is going to stop this from happening on a sunny day.

Assuming the motivation behind the order is well intentioned, then why not focus efforts on education instead. Educating people on awareness of the tides, what lurks under the surface of the water and awareness of ones own ability/limits would be a far more effective solution and would also go a long way to help public relations.

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