street motion freerunning academy adapt level 2 training with sebastian foucan
Photo: Parkour UK Adapt Level 2 Course (Vauxhall – London)

Dom from Street Motion is the first person in Devon to undertake the highly acclaimed Parkour UK (NGB) A.D.A.P.T Level 2 Course; the nationally recognised qualification for parkour/freerunning coaches. Upon completion of the course this will make Street Motion the only company in Devon/Cornwall employing PKUK Level 2 qualified instructors.

“The course has been immensely challenging so far and a lot of fun at the same time. We were particularly lucky to be joined by Seb Foucan who is one of the original free runners from France and is widely credited as the founder of the discipline along side David Belle. To have such an influential and experienced practitioner to train with and bounce ideas was a real treat and made for some insightful discussions earlier in the day”