“In a city south of Baghdad, Najaf youths are seen free running and participating in an activity known for its speed and efficiency: Parkour. Parkour is derived from the French “Le Parkour”; however the movement of free running was always applied in the Eastern martial arts.

The sport found popularity throughout Europe and the United States attracting athletes to take part in the Middle East as well. In Iraq young men use the walls of old houses as their personal obstacle course.The participants train their movements around their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping. As well as being able to identify and utilize alternate or the more efficient paths.

Muhannad, a traceurs (parkour practitioner) along with his friends, established an Iraqi Najaf Parkour team. The team leader, Muhannad told Al Arabiya group that “violence and fighting has spread throughout Iraqi society. We have abandoned violence and found freedom, flexibility, speed and strength in this sport which relieves us from stress and urges us to be violent and fight each other.” ”

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