Ninja! – A game of skill, strategy and quick reactions.
(Apparently invented, or at least made popular by Team Loop Kicks)

How to play…

Game starts with everyone standing in a circle. Everyone bows together and then going in a clockwise direction, each person gets into a ninja-like stance. Once everyone is frozen in a ninja pose the winner of the previous game makes the first move.

The aim of the game is to get people out by tagging their hand with your hand. If you get their wrist, arm or any other part of their body it does not count. Players take turns (going clockwise round the circle) but when it is your go you can tag anyone, not just the person next to you. In fact if you are playing tactically you wont tag the person to your left as if you miss they will almost certainly get you on their next go!

When it is your go you can jump/flip/roll if you need to cover ground to reach an opponent but you can only take one step. i.e when you jump and your feet leave the ground, once you land that’s your go taken. You cant run across the floor taking multiple steps. When you land you must stay where you land and stick there and likewise with arm strikes, whatever position your arm ends up in, that is where you must leave it. You cant strike out and then pull back afterwards.

The only time you can move your arms whilst it is not your go is when an opponent launches a direct attack in your direction. In such an instance you may defend by moving your arms out of the way … assuming you are quick enough!

When there are just two people left in the game it tends to become very fast paced with each player taking a turn and defending in quick succession until only one ninja remains who is declared the winner!